Make Your Own Silver Ring _ Beginners Workshop


Derbyshire – Dronfield

Various Times (Maximum 4 people)

Price £30 including materials

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Derbyshire – Dronfield

£30 (including materials) Maximum 4 people

Always wanted to make your own silver ring? Now is the perfect opportunity to do so in a relaxed atmosphere with step-by-step guidance.

This 2.5 hour short course will deliver all of the necessary knowledge to help you make your own sterling silver ring. You will follow a series of demonstrations to show you how to mark and cut your silver to the correct size. After that you will learn how to shape, solder and clean up your ring to make it smooth. Finally you will be shown 2 methods of applying a texture to your ring before polishing and reaching the impressive end product.

There will be a short, natural break whilst the rings are being cleaned and at this point light refreshments will be provided.

Price: £30 including materials (all materials used are sterling silver)

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Available Dates

WEDNESDAY 26TH AUGUST 2020 – 6:30PM TO 9PM £30, WEDNESDAY 2ND SEPTEMBER 2020 – 10AM TO 12:30PM £30, FRIDAY 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020 6:30PM TO 9PM £30, **SOLD OUT** SATURDAY 19TH SEPTEMBER 2020 – 1PM TO 3:30PM £30, FRIDAY 9TH OCTOBER 2020 – 10AM TO 12:30PM £30, MONDAY 12TH OCTOBER 2020 6:30PM TO 9PM £30, WEDNESDAY 21ST OCTOBER 2020 – 1PM TO 3:30PM £30, MONDAY 2ND NOVEMBER 2020 – 10AM TO 12:30PM £30, WEDNESDAY 4TH NOVEMBER 2020 6:30PM TO 9PM £30, SATURDAY 7TH NOVEMBER 2020 – 1PM TO 3:30PM £30, THURSDAY 12TH NOVEMBER 2020 – 1PM TO 3:30PM £30, WEDNESDAY 9TH DECEMBER 2020 6;30PM TO 9PM £30


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