Blue Fused Glass Candle Holder/ Diffuser Stand


This product would make a great gift and can house anything from a small tea-light to a Votive candle or diffuser bottle. All of my glass products are handcrafted using hand rolled Bullseye glass. After cutting and assembling the pieces they go into the kiln for 24 hours where a tack fuse leaves the glass with a raised texture. I find this texture helps with the reflection of the light from the candle. The tealight comes with this product. 

For the base I have used natural grey slate which has been drilled and fitted with a specialist glass clamp. I have added felt pads on the underside of the base to prevent scratches on furniture. The glass piece is secured in the clamp using a rubber tipped screw.  Please note: you will need to fix the glass in the upright position using a cross head screwdriver as it does come flat packed.

The glass is approximately 120mm x 75mm. 

PLEASE NOTE: All of my pieces are individually handmade and the wave design and slate shape will sometimes vary slightly from that shown in the photographs.

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Fused glass candle holder/ diffuser stand in shades of blue and clear glass


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