Blue Glass Tea Light Holder


This blue glass tea light holder has been handcrafted at my workshop in Peterborough. With a scented candle held carefully in place with ribbon this would make a great birthday or Christmas gift. Who could you give it to? Ladies who like candles around their bath. People who love handmade products. Or maybe this is the perfect gift for someone who has got everything else!

The tea light dish has been made using the glass fusing technique. In this instance two pieces of glass, one blue and one clear, have been heated in a kiln to a temperature that allows them to fully fuse (melt) together to create on single piece. As a further part of the manufacturing process, that piece of glass has then been heated again on a mould to create the dished shape. Not only does it look good but it will also prevent any stray wax getting onto your furniture.

Dimensions – 75mm x 75mm (candle included)

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Blue fused glass tea light holder with candle



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