Blue Wave Fused Glass Wall Art


Fused Glass Wall Art – Blue Wave Pattern


This eye-catching fused glass wall art featuring a blue wave design has been created here at my workshop in Cambridgeshire. Starting with a clear glass background I have cut a variety of coloured and clear glass to create the top layer pattern. Further to this I have also added frit (small glass chips) to enhance the overall aesthetic and also physical appeal of this artwork.

The glass has been fired at a temperature which allows the pieces to fuse together to a certain extent but which keeps the thickness of the glass thus adding surface texture. This process is called ‘tack fusing’. 

The artwork is held in an elevated position using satin finish stand offs allowing light to flood through the glass and create beautiful reflections onto the mount behind. The background mount is made of wood which has been finished with white satin paint. A brass ‘D’ ring is screwed to the back to allow for easy hanging on a picture hook.

The wooden background is 320mm x 100mm x 18mm


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