Fused Glass Landscape


Freestanding textured fused glass curve featuring a wild flower meadow

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This beautiful curved fused glass piece has been made here at my workshop in Derbyshire. Using a variety of specialist components including vitagraph stringers, murrine cane, frits and powders I have layered up this flower meadow design. The flowers on this design are mostly oranges and yellows.

Starting off with a layer of powders I carefully positioned all of the components. The glass went through a tack fuse programme in the kiln during which time the glass pieces heat up just enough to melt the surfaces of the components together leaving a textured surface. After that, the glass then went through a second kiln process on a curved mould and this time only heated enough for the glass to drape over the mould. These two kiln processes took approximately 24 hours in total (not including cooling time). This makes sure the glass heats up and cools down in a controlled manner which reduces the chance of any stresses being created inside.

Ideally this piece has been designed to be positioned where light can pass through to bring the image to life however if this is not possible it will also work well with a couple of battery tea lights behind. Please note: real tea lights can be used but may crack the glass if placed too close.

This glass piece would make a lovely gift for a birthday or anniversary or you could buy it just because you love it. It stands 100mm tall by 200mm wide (this is the total length of the glass which is reduced slightly by the curve)


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