Iridescent Glass Dish


As many of us start to make the move from plastic bottles to shampoo bars why not dress up your bathroom with this beautiful dish in iridescent blue glass. Alternatively you could have it as a rather eye catching key dish or even pop your used tea bags in it!!! This dish would make a great addition to any home whether you are buying for yourself or looking for an unusual gift.

I have put the layers of glass together in such a way that during the fusing process the iridescent glass is ‘disturbed’ in particular areas which changes the appearance and also gives a slight ribbed texture. The iridescence casts a variety of rainbow colours depending on what angle you are viewing from.

The glass has first been fused into a single rectangular piece and then slumped into a mould to form the shallow dish shape. All of this takes place in a temperature controlled kiln thus ensuring that the glass is properly annealed and less likely to crack due to hidden flaws within.

This dish is approximately 75mm x 125mm x 10mm

PLEASE NOTE: The colour variations of your product may differ slightly from the photo. This is because the base glass I buy from the manufacturer is handmade and therefore cannot be replicated exactly each time.

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Small glass dish suitable for shampoo bars, soaps, keys etc


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