Iridescent Glass Dish


This small dish has been made using a technique of combining iridescent glass and clear glass. In doing so it creates an unusual and eye-catching pattern. Starting with a clear glass base I have added 9 squares of iridescent glass. On top of the iridescent glass I have then added smaller squares of clear glass. This has all gone into the kiln on a full fuse setting to melt all of the pieces together. The variation in pattern is created where there is a difference between capped and uncapped iridescent glass. 

The dish is smooth and glossy to touch. It also has a slightly undulating surface created by the differing thicknesses of the layers used. The dish is approximately 75mm x 75mm square and has a thickness of around 6mm. It is perfect for putting rings and earrings in overnight. It could also be used as a soap dish or for your car keys.

Please note that all of my work is individually handmade and as such patterns may vary slightly from the photograph shown.



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Small glass dish with iridescent coloured squares


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