The last few weeks have been reassuringly busy for a number of reasons. First of all the spring collection went out into the shops and has had great feedback. It seems like just a few days ago I was stressing about getting it all finished and packaged – now I’m doing the same with the Summer collection – how time flies. On top of that, as a member of the committee for Peterborough Artists Open Studios I have been involved with meeting and organising this year’s event since February. You can read more about it later in the newsletter or visit It promises to be a great few weekends with lots of new members showing their work. Towards the end of February I was commissioned to create a range of silver jewellery for Mini enthusiasts. Last week I delivered a pendant, pair of ear studs, bracelet charm and pair of cuff-links to the customer who was absolutely overcome with delight at the outcomes. I’m always thrilled when I get those reactions because despite knowing that I am capable of doing things well I always doubt myself – something which lots of craftspeople suffer with. Then, just before I went away I completed my application to be part of the Whittlesey Arts & Crafts Exhibition to be held next month. I carefully considered 7 products to exhibit which would represent the variety of my work and gave myself a pat on the back at being organised enough to meet the deadline for application….that was until I realised I haven’t made any of these items yet and the exhibition opens on 12th May! On top of that, Yaxley Festival is on the same weekend and I will also need to have everything ready for that as well. Not sure I’m going to be accepting alot of supply teaching over the next couple of weeks but it’s great to be busy.