Do you ever have ‘one of those days’? The ones where nothing seems to be going the way it should and you feel like you aren’t achieving anything. I’m well and truly having one today. As a general rule the first big event of the year for a jeweller is Valentines day. I am no exception to that rule and have been flat out in the workshop designing and making a new range of products. Today for some reason, everything I touch is either going wrong or just not happening at all.

It’s quite chilly today so on entering the workshop the first thing I did was turn on the fan heater. That satisfying and comforting warmth blowing around my feet and ankles was sublime……for about 90 seconds and then it spluttered to an undignified halt. I gave it a prod, turned it off and back on again, jiggled the switch and eventually kicked it in frustration as I knew that its refusal to work would greatly affect what I would get done today. I work with cold metal and cold tools. My feet are on a cold concrete floor – I AM COLD and I have a cold!!

Refusing to be halted, I decided to get on with the acid etching that was needed on some small earrings. I had painstakingly prepared the surface pattern a few days ago and it was the number one thing I wanted to achieve this morning. I warmed up the acid solution and immersed the silver sheet. Whilst I busied myself with other things I kept a constant eye on the etching and all seemed to be going well. Suddenly I noticed that some of the ‘stop out’ fluid had begun to flake off. This in itself is not a complete catastrophe but it meant stopping, cleaning it all off, reapplying the fluid and checking the pattern was ok, time I could really do without wasting. Now I had to wait for the fluid to set properly which could take several hours.

Clinging on to my sanity I decided to make some rings quickly and photograph them to go with the new participation workshops I am adding to my shop. Simple enough you would think – make 4 rings and photograph them. Today though, for whatever the reason (I blame the weather) the camera (I also blame the camera) has decided it will not take a close up photograph of the rings without them being blurred – aaaaarrrrgh!!!!!

So now I’m in a huff, it’s 10.55 and I’ve just had my 3rd mug of coffee (something I’m trying to cut down on) and 2 shortbread biscuits. I do however feel a little warmer sitting indoors and sharing my woes with the world. The dog has tentatively approached for a cuddle and my mood is lightening. I’m going to clear a space and set up the photography booth and by lunchtime I WILL have the photos on the website. This afternoon I WILL acid etch my earrings and I WILL make a start on some new pendants.

I hope you’ve all had a better day than me