What a day it was yesterday, storm Doris certainly let her hair down over the East of England. In the comfort of my spare bedroom (The Busy Box Room) I sat quietly at the computer working on designs for a new set of jewellery for Mini enthusiasts. Listening to the gusting winds blow and the rain lashing at the window I was pleased to be indoors. It hasn’t been going well so far but I was determined that today would be breakthrough day. After a couple of hours I had managed to get the drawing the way I wanted it and decided to take a break before heading into the workshop to prototype it. Those puppy dog eyes did it again and off the dog and I went into the unknown.  After a very difficult walk with the dog out on the Fens dodging sheets of polystyrene from building sites and branches falling from trees I had hoped to come home and put my feet up for 10 minutes. No such luck! In my absence Mother Nature had done her bit and my fence was leaning at a rather unnerving angle as a consequence of a broken concrete post. Every gust of wind hauled it backwards and pushed it over a little bit more. After much rummaging in the garage and very bad language (which seemed to help)  I found a piece of wood and charged at the offending post like Joan of Arc going into battle. The fence now secured it was a small triumph for me as ultimately I need a new concrete post but non-the-less it was a triumph!!!

Fortunately this drama didn’t happen last week as I was absolutely flat out in the workshop getting my Spring Collection finished and ready for delivery. This is not a way I have really worked before, producing a collection, but I have decided to take my work in a new direction.

So often, customers have asked “Do you have a pendant to match these earrings?” or “Do you have a bangle to match this pendant ?” It seems so obvious when you think about it but it would have been almost impossible to match all of my products like that so drastic action was needed.

Just before Christmas I decided to cut back on the huge variety of products and concentrate on ranges of products that could be worn together and last week the first collection was completed. Do you know how hard it is to think of names for these things? That was a whole new problem for me but I think I did alright. The Mackintosh range, The Raindrop range and The Red range are all available now but I cannot rest. I now only have 3 months to get the Summer Collection ready….arrrrggh!